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Dive into the world of programming and learn the languages that are at the base of  Web Development such as: JavaScript, CSS, HTMLS. 

This course will introduce you to web frameworks, Angular, React and Ionic while also focusing on Git and code versioning standards. It will allow you to understand a pre-build solution and practice on table data management in Angular. In addition, the course will include classes in python with practical exercises.

You will also be dissecting Odoo, an open-source that you will be working on.

You will be understanding its database schema while creating modules and practicing on creating new pages, routing and data management in Angular and Odoo.

Moreover, you will be introduced to Hybrid vs. Natice and learn how to build a Hybrid app using Ionic with Anglular.

Building a mobile app page to connect with Odoo and display and manage data will be the final goal of the course.

Essential Skills Workshops

Whether you're looking to land your dream job or launch your own business, our essential skills workshops can help you get there. Become the best version of yourself.

Enhance your communication skills, Project Management skills, Self-management skills, Communication skills, leadership skills, etc.

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