A food tasting competition and marketplace

Gourmet Market

Gourmet Market (سوق الذواقة) | A food tasting event
What is Gourmet Market?

A food tasting competition and marketplace for local businesses in the Food & Beverage industry to display, sell, and get their products assessed by hundreds of food lovers and industry experts for a chance to win a financial prize.

Our Objective

This event aims to offer support to local businesses in Tripoli and North Lebanon by providing them with the opportunity to reach new markets, professionally assess their products, build potential collaborations with similar or complimentary businesses, and generate innovative and scalable products.

Gourmet Market (سوق الذواقة) | A food tasting event

April 6 & 7  |   2024
08:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Gourmet Market (سوق الذواقة) | Rachid Karami International Fair

Al Mina Garden                            Facing Coffee Station

The Marketplace

Book your booth as a business

Gourmet Market (سوق الذواقة) | A food tasting event


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Reach new markets

Expose your business to hundreds of local food lovers and potential customers.

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Assess your products

Get your products assessed by hundreds of food tasters, industry experts, and international chefs

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Build partnerships

Meet, build partnerships, and collaborate with similar or complimentary businesses at the event.

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Get inspired to Innovate

Immerse yourself in an innovative environment and get inspired to come up with innovative and scalable products for your business.

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Grand Prize

Compete against other food products for a chance to win a grand prize

The Taste-Off Competition

Put your products to the test !

By booking a booth you also get the chance to compete against other businesses within your product category in our Taste-Off competition segment for a chance to win a prize


Take a peek inside our Wonder world

Booth Price

Gourmet Market Booth

For any other businesses in the Food & Beverage industry
$ 80 Covering 2 Days + investment pitch training

Innovation Package

Current & previous TEC program participants
  • For businesses with an innovative or unique product

TEC Business Package

For startups and businesses currently or previously in TEC’s programs ​
$ 40 Covering 2 Days + investment pitch training
  • or 30% of the sales

Community Package

For any other businesses in the Food & Beverage industry
$ 70 Covering 2 Days + investment pitch training
  • or 50% of the sales

Taster Tickets

Let the Tasting begin

5 Samples
150,000 LBP Only the 1st Day

Our Sponsors

Ticket point of sales

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Meet the Pervious Judges

No Garlic No Onions

Anthony Rahayel

Founder of No Garlic No Onions

Anthony Rahayel. He's not only a renowned food blogger, he's a published author, marketing expert, TV presenter, and the founder of Lebanon’s street food market “Souk El Akel”. Anthony’s contributions also extend to the world of entrepreneurship as he acts as a valued consultant that helps local startups in the food industry start their journey, big companies shape their future, new ideas see fruitful days, among many other meaningful contributions.

Larissa Sreih

Art Director at Packndot

Larisa is an Art Director at Packndot, leading a team of artists, she applies her knowledge to determine which artistic elements to use, articulate the vision to the team, develops budgets and timelines, assuring the clients' satisfaction by delivering the best outcome. Working in the packaging design industry, requires planning and market studying skills, which she excels at with 6+ years of experience in the industry. Larissa helped many clients to build and create their startup companies, as well as provided the necessary elements for successfully selling their products.

Dr. Khaled Al Omari

Director of Quality Control Laboratories at the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Khaled al Omari is the Founder and Director of Quality Control Laboratories and Industrial Development & Research Agro-Agri Center (IDRAC) at the Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Khaled supports and cooperates with many food businesses, food industries, and national and international NGOs to provide them with the highest agro-agri food chain quality and safety measures in order to create Innovative and marketable Lebanese products.

Soha Nasser

Agri-Food & Product Development Specialist at Berytech

Soha is an Agri-Food and product development specialist who has worked for more than six years in product development and R&D for different food companies in Lebanon. As a food processing engineer, she chooses to focus her career on innovation. Throughout her career, Soha acquired a wide experience in Business Process Engineering from which she profited to understand all business aspects from sales and purchasing to finance and costing. She also led food safety activities by managing quality control departments in different food industries.

Rami Boujawdi

COO of Berytech

Rami is the (COO) at Berytech Beirut and has been leading the Incubation and Entrepreneurship Business Development arm that supports innovative Lebanese startups and SMEs, providing Business Support, Mentorship, Coaching, Fundraising, Hosting, Networking and Internationalization and part of Innovation and Entrepreneurship regional programs. In addition to this, Ramy is also the Vice President of a Lebanese NGO – Rural Entrepreneurs.

Georges Debs

Catering & Gastronomy Consultant

In addition to being a Catering and Gastronomy Consultant, George is a Chef At Palma Resort, and a lecturer at Ecole Hoteliere and Institute Fredy Attalah. He will be exercising his passion for food by tasting and rating the businesses’ food products along with the other judges at the event. ⠀

Where you can find us!


The Gourmet Stand marks the next significant milestone for Gourmet Market. Aiming to support local businesses in the F&B industry, this stand will soon be present in multiple locations, expanding the reach of your brand across various cities throughout Lebanon!

Why be on the Gourmet Stand?

  •  Increase your brand visibility.
  •  Display your creations to a diverse new audience.
  • Receive instant feedback and fine-tune your products.
  • Increase your sales and expand your loyal customer base.
  • Open the doors to fresh opportunities & collaborations.
Gourmet Market (سوق الذواقة) | Rachid Karami International Fair

Payless Supermarket
Tripoli  – Dam & Farez

Business currently on the stand

To have your products displayed on the Gourmet Stand Shelves!

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