Programs and Services

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Build your own Startup

A program designed to help you come up with an idea and turn it into an investable business

Enhance your Job Market Skills

A market readiness program that trains you to acquire the skills needed for your career

Grow your Business

A support unit that analyzes your business & provides you with the right coaching to help you grow.

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If you only have a business idea then you could apply to Startup Seeds as it will teach you how to further improve your idea, create the business plan, and pitch it to investors.

As a student you have two options. If you have an idea you can apply to Startup Seeds. If you only need to improve your skills or increase your chances of finding a job, then Rainmakers is the program for you.

We can help teach you the right skills to find a job through our Rainmakers market readiness program.

Yes we do,  it’s a co-working space called Innovation Yard. You can contact us to rent a desk. 

We only offer grants as part of certain programs. However, we can link you to a network of investors if your idea is well developed.

If you do not have an idea, that’s not a problem. Startup Seeds also offers ideation workshops that will help you come up with market-fit business ideas.

The best program for you is called the Business Empowerment Unit. This program will provide you with the necessary coaching and training to scale and grow your business/startup.

When applying to our programs, you have to be committed throughout the full program. This means  finishing the assigned tasks & attending the workshops and coaching sessions. Please make sure you allocate the time for the program after you get accepted to it.

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