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A home genetic test that provides interesting insights to learn more about your ancestry, health, & traits by analyzing your DNA.


Clickoship is an online tool that creates a smooth integration between online retailers and online suppliers to speed up & automate the process and tasks between them.

Club Esthetic

Club Esthetic is the first & only Mobile App and Marketplace for Aesthetic services and Beauty products. This platform is a one-stop-shop for all “Look” requirements, and designed to make Aesthetic services afforable through a unique membership program. Its membership program is based on Idle “chair time” of clinics and Beauty centers, which enables enormous reduction in Aesthetic services prices. Moreover, Its Marketplace will provide access to wide variety of renowned Brands, with savings and offers. The platform provides an online page for each center and vendor, to promote their portfolio, and serve as a marketing tool for them.

Emergency Room

Stemming from a belief that fashion production precesses urgently need to change, Emergency Room utilizes a sustainable and ethical alternative way to create clothes. we use unique vintage materials and deadstock fabrics that are locally sourced to create one-of-a-kind pieces, providing a conscious and authentic ready-to-wear-line.


Chemrec is a startup developing innovative technologies in the environment and green energy field.They are currently designing a smart collection machine for household’s used cooking oil collection that will be converted in a second stage to biodiesel, a green sustainable fuel.

Heart Defender

Heart Defender provides a hands-free mechanical CPR machine that performs continuous high-quality external chest compressions for people facing cardiac arrests.


asante handbags are handmade with an architectural spirit. They are proudly made in Lebanon with high end finishing.


EnerCore is an online platform that supports you to reduce your electrical bills by analyzing your electrical systems and recommending necessary modifications. It offers a wide range of energy-efficient products and renewable energy solutions.


Joona is an all natural, Eco-friendly and customization beauty brand. At the heart of what we do is Do-It-Yourself whether through digital customization or hands on. Khan Beauty Box will teach their customers how to create the products they want through a subscription box that delivers each month a skin, hair or body care recipe and its natural ingredients. The box will also include samples and full-sized products from companies that are creating environmentally friendly and organic goods (beauty, food, lifestyle…etc.).

Inspiration Garden

it is a private tutoring center that takes place in a garden, the main aim is to reinforce community experience along with knowledge experience. The space provides holistic ED-programs that revolve around belief, empowerment, and achievement for students, teachers, and parents.

Clean 2O

Clean2O designs products that make water safe for cooking and drinking anytime, anywhere. These products are customized for different needs and different market segments, customized specifically to suit a certain customer base. Current product in the market is a device that is installed on the common tap in the bathroom or kitchen to remove pollutants making water safe for cooking, Clean2O’s vision is to become a leader in providing water as not just a product, but also service, by providing a billion people their right to clean, safe, and drinkable water.

Line Up

Social platform matching sport community and courts, helps people form teams to start a game.


We are a team whose nature and adventure helped refine us and presented us with a different vision of the world. We aspire to share this experience with the youth around us by presenting various adventures in a professional and entertaining way so that young people can communicate with themselves, nature and society around them.


LEAD Healthcare Consultancy Company is a healthcare management and consulting firm, located in Lebanon and New Jersey USA, dedicated to providing healthcare solutions that create high performing healthcare organizations.


Online interior design platform connecting people who want to furnish their houses with professional interior designers.


Ubility provides a cloud solution for mobile operators to enable them to transform their business from traditional voice centric business model to a digital centric business model.

Mira's Guided Tours

Mira’s Guided tours are fun and informative professional guided tours led through the eyes of specialized certified guides passionate and knowledgeable about a city or a specific area in Lebanon. – Tours in Tripoli are led by Mira Minkara a guide passionate about her home city’s history, heritage and hidden treasures who’s been leading tours in Tripoli.

Navy Bits

Are you searching for a technology partner who cares about the success of your business? Trust NavyBits. NavyBits provides software and technology innovations to startups and small to medium businesses (SMB). With its expertise and reach spanning multiple countries, NavyBits built scalable solutions that support millions of users serving multiple industries.


Who said that art and design are separate entities? Namuzaj is a startup founded by Nour Arabi, an interior architect and furniture designer. Namuzaj dances between the art and design disciplines and experiments with doodles, turning them into functional products. Namuzaj has no boundaries, dealing with paintings, furniture, interior etc. with all creative outcomes being considered as ‘Namazej’ or prototypes.

My Middle East

My Middle East is a socially responsible, private travel service to the Middle East and East Mediterranean..My Middle East creates exceptional trips to some of the most interesting destinations around the world, and designs private customized trips for those coming to the Middle East.


Petrikor Solutions is a creative Lebanese boutique agency located in Tripoli, founded in 2017 by a team of ambitious entrepreneurs. The aim of Petrikor is to provide an exceptional level of services in the digital marketing, web & mobile development and design. The cornerstone of our company relies on the selection of our personnel. Our experts whose prime target is to help clients find solutions, allow us to deliver high quality and efficient services. 

Darb Akkar

The Akkar trail is a tourism project that focuses on the walking trail through the Akkar area, and it tries to network with the local community to serve its goal, thus achieving an environmental movement and contributing to the support of the local economy.

Off The Wall

Off The Wall is a Media & Entertainment Agency. The company offers products and services ranging from Pre-produced video Holograms, live stream Holograms, 3D Projection Mapping, and Animations. We are the only company now that can deliver Live Stream Holograms in any size to the market, making us a leader in this industry.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a branding agency, specialized in bringing branding services to the corporate world from seed stage to growth, by bringing artists and business owners together in one place. The Cabinet serves as a gap filler for the massive need for professional branding to the progressively growing rates at which startups are born in the region, especially in Lebanon, one of the thriving countries of digital innovation in MENA.

Tap n Learn

Tap n Learn is an education platform that uses specific animation techniques that fit the attention span of students.


“Points Solutions” refers in all solutions especially in systems engineering, where Points will be connected to deliver a complete system such as Security points, Automation Points, RFID Readers Points, and each milestone’s development is considered a point to be achieved to move on to the next point or milestone.


Recyclo is restructuring the recycling industry by making it digital, financially sustainable, and less volatile for recyclers, industry and local governments. We offer a suite of services that helps all stakeholders trade scraps and recyclables across borders and navigate price volatility. We present a simple digitized platform that simplifies the current trading process and that levels the trading playing field for all traders including scrap traders, factories and governments.


Carpolo aims to become a search engine for un-used car space by incentivizing drivers to list their empty car seats on our app. Carpolo allows our institutional clients to decrease their parking spots dependency and incoming traffic, while rewarding each carpooler on their carpooling behavior. Our platform will allow us to generate a core user base by creating carpooling communities for existing communities (Institutions, Banks, University) who have similar daily commuting behaviors.

Delivery Express

Delivery Express is an online platform to handle/manage the process of day-to-day ordering-delivery of things by building a trusted channel between shops and their customers. Our experienced delivery team picks up the order from shop, delivers it to end customer. The whole processed is controlled by the platform starting from placing the order till delivering it. Delivery Express enables shops to manage products/services online.


VEIL is an Eco-friendly handmade project that turns thread factory waste into high quality knitted customized decorative items

Velo Route

Fixed bike stations around the city so people can use bikes to commute to their schools, Universities, works or for fun rides around.


Vbout is multi-channel marketing automation technology that helps businesses collect leads and convert them into loyal customers. The software saves time and increases efficiency by combining several essential marketing tools into one powerful platform.


Visonarty is an online platform that matches Talents with the world of arts and entertainment to make them more visible and make money out of their talent by using an automated judging system and a talent recommendation system with zero exclusivity and with a very low commission rate.

Zees Web

ZeeSWEB is a digital transformation & enablement agency founded in 2011 with the aim of assisting the Middle Eastern establishments & firms in BUILDING THEIR ONLINE PRESENCE by offering services such as: Web & Mobile Application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Domain and Hosting Solutions, Systems Integration, Social Media, Web Maintenance, Statistics, SMS and Penetration Testing.


Zouyouti, Oils & Beyond is a brand that offers tailor-made assortments prepared using high-end olive oil-based products. Zouyouti has emerged from an existing family business specialized in the production of Olive oil since 1953. The brand has tapped into a family history of olives cultivation and olive oil production, to create and offer its customers a Mediterranean heritage of unique products. The business model focuses on employing vulnerable and unprivileged communities to empower them and support them in accessing a sustainable income and improving their living conditions and livelihoods.

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